Main contributers of Teknocat Labs

Ali Yıldırım


Always smiling leader

A. Emre Okutan

Software Development Manager

The veteran

Ekrem Erdem

Senior Developer

One man army

T. Umut Yavuz

Software Engineer

The one who always makes us laugh until we cry

Mustafa Kahraman

Senior Engineer

Too much IQ

A. Onur Köseoğlu

Digital Project Manager

Swiss Army Knife

Seda Saraçoğlu

Human Resources & Administrative

Regulates the problems

Elif Eker

Finance & Accounting

Always busy with pages

Av. Gizem Rodoplu


Pulls us on the right path

Şenol Uğraç

Financial Consultant

Gives wise decisions

Yahya Taylan

Technical Infrastructure

Makes crossfit and eats 4-person food in a meal

Gülsen Tarakçı


Always cares us

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